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Earthing Material

We are a company which is well known in the market for the supply of a wide range of products which include the Earthing Material which are high on demand in the market and they have a very sturdy make. These products can protect from electric shocks and are safe to use. These are acknowledged for their durability, reliability and accuracy. Our ranges of products include Earthing Material such as Copper Plate, Copper Strip, Earthing Cover, GI Plate and many more items. GI Strip 25x3 mm GI Wire 8 Nos. Copper Strip 50X 6mm Copper Bus Bar 25x3 mm Copper Plate 600x600x 3 Mm Copper Plate 600x600x 6 mm Galvanized Iron Plates 600x600x6 Mm Copper Bus Bar 25x6 mm



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